How to Fix Error Code 0x80072ee7 in Windows 10

For many Windows users there is always a concern with the issues that show up during different updates. This can be a frustrating situation for the users and everyone wants to overcome it easily.

One such error with Windows Update that you may have encountered is – 0x80072ee7. There are different circumstances in which this error takes place like when a user tries to install an important Windows 10 update such as -Creators Update/Anniversary Update. There are some easy fixes to resolve the error and they are.

Change DNS server address

This is the best solution that many users reported to be useful to fix error 0x80072ee7 which is to change DNS server address. So, you can try this solution by performing simple steps as shown below.

On taskbar click – Search icon.

Type – control panel, and now press -Enter.

Click – Network and Internet, next head to – Network and Sharing Center.

Select – Change Adapter Settings shown on menu towards left

Search for the network currently in use and then just right click it.

Select  – properties from available options.

Scroll down till you get – Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Click on it, and next, select-  Properties.

Choose option labelled as – ‘Use the following DNS Server addresses.’

Enter the values shows below:

For DNS Server –

For Alternate DNS Server –

Save changes made and next you need to restart the PC

Now try to update Windows 10 and then check if the problem is fixed.

Perform SFC scan

Windows 10 as well as earlier versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 accompany built-in tool which finds and repair errors.

Just run SFC scan, and the scanning process will check your system thoroughly for any errors.

So, you can use this tool if you want to get rid of the Windows 10 upgrade error 80072ee7, and how you can carry out SFC scan is mentioned below

Using your keyboard, press -Windows Key+X.

Choose – Command Prompt (Admin)/Powershell (Admin) from given list.

Type -sfc/scannow, next, hit – enter.

This process will take some time to finish. So, make sure you do not halt the process in between so that completes properly. After the process finishes close Command Prompt.

In case the error doesn’t go off then try to run a DISM scan. It can be done by starting  Command Prompt (Admin) and then paste the command shown below

  DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Wait for the process to get over and then try to update Windows 10 again to check if the issue has been fixed.

Edit host file

There are chances that the hosts file is modified which causes error 0x80072ee7. Some users say that they came across – IP addresses in hosts file.

It can be solved by erasing the addresses or just type  # symbol at starting line. Make sure that you are alert while altering the hosts file as the process is complicated and tricky and can lead to many other issues.

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