How to Fix Error Code 0x800f081f in Windows 10

Sometimes while you are updating windows or carrying out an installation, the error code 0x800f081f shows up, this can be due to installation of configuration dot(.)NET

It is a general issue for all those who are using Windows and you can fix it on your own without calling a hardware person and paying him to fix the error. This article will help you know how you can resolve the error on your own.

Resolve Error Code 0x800f081f in Windows 10

The step given below should be followed carefully to fix the issue and also know how to handle different issues related to your system. Just carry out these steps on your own manually very carefully by performing each and every step very carefully and back up your data in advance before proceeding to these steps.

.NET Framework 3.5 Error Code 0x800f081f

Configuration policy

At times when you install a particular application it needs .NET framework 3.5 in place of a new framework installed, Windows 10 comprises of .NET framework upgrade and as a default setting establishes the newly installed framework.

The error might take place because of the improper functioning of previous version & path location is not traced due to this. It can be rectified smoothly. You can just enable the version by following simple steps and download framework to use the application.

Open  Run window with help of -window + R

In run box enter- gpedit.msc.

This will direct you to – Local group policy editor.

Head to – Computer configurations—Administrative Templates–System

Double click- “Specify settings for optional component installation & component repair”

This will open a new window, here you choose the option- enable

Now you need to download .NET framework 3.5 and start the process again, this might solve the error. Just in case this method doesn’t work for you then head to the next method.


Enable -.NET framework using the below mentioned steps and then use DISM command to get the results immediately and then proceed to the installation process.

Open -command prompt and choose to run as administrator

Enter the followingcommand- “Dism /online /enable-feature/featurename:NetFx3All/Source:<ISO>:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess.

Assign a name to the drive path where ISO is present  (name drive letter)

Carry out an install and next start the process again

It will let you resolve the error code 0x800f081f without any hassles and complete the installation easily. It will also let you use the applications and it will not be any sort of window damage.

The error will not require any window repair, the only thing required is an ISO image and you will be able to install the required .NET framework version

There are a lot of other authorized sources where you can find original link which helps you download the .NET framework and it can be managed manually for your applications too. But, it is recommended that the try to follow the steps given above and then try to install again.

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