How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000005 in Windows 10

This issue may occur even when you are trying to install the newest updates for the system. Don’t panic as there are solutions for this error. You will find the solutions to the error code error code 0xc0000005 in this article.

Check RAM

The simplest and effective way to solve the error – 0xc0000005 is just to replace the RAM. Prior to doing it, make sure you check twice if RAM is the reason causing the error. So, turn OFF your PC and try to use a different RAM

After that, turn your PC ON and then check again if the error still occurs. This solution is perfect when there is an issue caused due to some damage on RAM hardware or connectors.

Repair the Registry

In case corrupt files/keys exists in the registry, they can lead to some serious problems with your system which includes error code 0xc0000005.

In case you have created the registry backup earlier, the it is better to restore it to solve the issue.

Before you go ahead with the process, note that the process of making changes to your registry is bit of risky task.

Even the simplest of incorrect/invalid modifications can lead to serious problems on your machine. Thus make sure you follow the instructions given below very carefully so that you do not end up making any mistake.

Using your keyboard, press- Windows + R key. It should pop up the -Run dialog box.

Type – regedit  and simply press- Enter.

Follow this path- HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows

Head to the right pan and double-click – LoadAppInit_DLLs.

Change value data from one to zero.

Click – OK to save changes

Exit Registry Editor and next restart your machine.

Perform SFC Scan

In case the error occurs because of corrupted system files, it can be resolved by using – System File Checker (SFC). Just run SFC scan as explained below

Click – Search icon seen on the taskbar.

Type – cmd

Right-click the Command Prompt (displayed in results), then select- Run as Administrator from given options.

After you get to see -Command Prompt, type – sfc /scannow, now press – Enter. Now the tool will repair all the corrupt files detected automatically.

Disable DEP

Windows comes has built-in feature which safeguards the system against harm caused due to viruses and other online threats.

The Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is helpful in most cases. It can be disabled through following these steps:

Start – “Windows with administrative rights”

Press – Windows +R key using keyboard.

Type the following -sysdm.cpl and just press- Enter.

Head to -Advanced tab and click -Settings.

Move to the tab -Data Execution Protection.

Click the option – ‘Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select’.

Click – Add, now search for executable files causing the issue. Add those files to the list

Click-  OK.

Restart the machine and then check if error is gone.

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