How to Fix Error Code 0xc000000f in Windows 10

When you get –boot error 0xC000000f in Windows 10 you get frustrate isn’t? Generally, this error occurs while Windows attempts to read – Boot Configuration Data. Some fixes discussed in this article will help you solve the boot error 0xC000000f in Windows 10

Detach Peripheral Hardware Device

The error can occur due to peripheral damaged hardware in Windows 10. In order to eliminate this error , you can try removing the peripheral hardware device. Here are the steps to do so

Detach all the peripheral hardware devices connected to the PC excluding keyboard and mouse.

Detach if there is CD/USB/ DVDs connected to different ports.

Restart your machine to check if the machine starts in a normal way.

Bootrec.exe Tool will help solve Error 0xC000000f

To resolve the boot error – 0xC000000F in Windows 10, make use of a built in tool –bootrec.exe. Here you need a bootable Windows Installation DVD/USB. The idea is to recreate the – Boot Configuration Data (BCD) that manages the process of how Windows 10 is starts.

Reboot PC.

Insert bootable DVD/ USB installation disk.

Again reboot PC and press- “R”

Click -Troubleshoot

Click – Command Prompt

Type – “bootrec /fixmbr” and then hit – Enter.

Type – “bootrec /fixboot” and then hit – Enter.

Type – “bootrec /rebuildbcd” and then hit – Enter.

Issues with Data cables

Such problems can be due to hardware process where you need to check if the cables attached to the hard drivers doesn’t loosen up, this can happen due to usage of PC for a long period of time without any repair or clean up.

Here check the connections and repair it if required which will automatically resolve the error – 0xc000000f easily.

Check for File System corrupted

A Filesystem corrupted can be the cause for the error and also lead to issues where Windows is not able to start. The system files can be restored easily with the help of windows recovery option. The system files will be easily recovered if you choose recovery.

System files require recovery in case you have recently switched to Windows and new to this OS and have no idea about restoring windows. You can restore it without any hassles. Here is how

Go to settings—update and security info.

Restore windows.

You can carry out these steps and then restore the default windows with settings and files restored. Windows will prompt you to save the data or delete it.

Based on your present situation, check the terms and condition when you restore windows and factory settings to its normal settings.

It will directly help you restore the settings and also the system smoothly and give you  fresh start on Windows. When you restore system files it will also rectify the error code 0xc000000f.

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