How to Fix Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10

Using a computer without a mouse can be little easy but without a keyboard it becomes really difficult.

So, when your keyboard stops working, the first thing you want to do is to look for a solution.

Well the reasons for a non working keyboard can be many, but there are solutions too. Let’s read through the solutions.

Try to disable Filter keys

Press – Windows + I key at the same time so that you can open – Settings

Select- Ease of Access

From left menu click – Keyboard

Check for Filter keys. It should be turned – OFF

Allow Windows to re-install right driver

On Windows taskbar search box look for – Device Manager

Next, after device manager expands, search – keyboards

Double click – Keyboards to open it

Right click your keyboard driver and select-Uninstall device

Next, you need to reboot your computer post re-installing your driver

Windows will re-install the relevant keyboard driver automatically and will also fix the keyboard issue.

Plug into a different port and check the connections

Even loose connections lead to keyboard not functioning issues. It is a common problem with USB ports getting loose over a period of time and result in errors frequently. There are chances that either your connection has some issues or USB port is not functioning. To check for the issue, try to plug the keyboard in a different port and check if it is working there.

Try connecting to a different PC

In case your keyboard is broken /damaged internally it could be the reason for keyboard not working. To check for this issue, you can try to plug your keyboard to a different computer and check if it is working or not. In case it is not, this means there is an issue with the keyboard itself and its time for keyboard replacement.

Check wireless adapter/batteries

In case you are using wireless keyboard then there are possibilities of batteries not having low power or wireless adapter is blocked. Just try to change the batteries of your keyboard and see if it works. Check the wireless adapter of your keyboard whether or not being blocked or quite far from adapter.

Ensure that Filter keys are OFF

Check if the Filter keys are OFF. Here is how you can do it

Press – Windows + X and choose – Control Panel

Now, click – Ease of Access and next, click – “Change how your keyboard works”

Ensure that the Filter keys options are left unchecked. In case it is checked then uncheck the same and click – Apply and then OK to implement the changes.

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