How to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working

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While working suddenly your wireless mouse gives up and stops working and you are just left in the middle of your work on the PC. It feels so annoying isn’t?  You have all other things working fine even the keyboard shortcuts but suddenly just the mouse cursor is not working properly on the screen.

Well, to overcome this panicky situation this article will help you know the solutions

Reasons and Fixes

There can be different reasons like the battery of the mouse is having low power or completely discharged. You can try the easy solutions given below to solve the issue in case you are confident that there are no issues taking place due to faulty drivers/ USB ports.

Take the battery out from your mouse and wait for some time and then insert the battery again

If you find the cursor still not responding then

Head to – Windows Run box

Type – devmgmt.msc to view – Device Manager.

In order to open run box press- Win +R using your keyboard

Expand the section –  “Mouse and other pointing devices”

Now from the list you can choose your mouse

Next select- Uninstall.

Click on the option- Action and next click – “Scan for Hardware Changes.”

Change mouse batteries

The issue with the wireless mouse not working can also happen because low power of the battery. So, ensure that you use relevant batteries especially manufactured for electronic devices. Now, just try to change the batteries with new one and this can help you fix the problem.

Try and check connecting mouse to another PC

In case the problem still persists, you can try to connect your mouse to another PC to check it is working fine. If the problem occurs even on another PC then your mouse has some fault.

Uninstall a different mouse software which may be the cause for the issue

When some other mouse software is running on your machine, for example Logitech software, a touchpad etc that may conflict with the original software of the mouse.

In such case, just uninstall this different software which conflicts with the original software and the steps below can help you do that

Open – Control Panel and Choose – Program and Features.

On  search box, type – appwiz.cpl.

Press – Enter

In case you see a messaging seeking administrator password/confirmation then simply type in the password and just click – Continue.

In the list that you see, try to search for the other mouse software and just follow the instructions given on the screen to remove the software.

Now restart your computer

Reinstall Windows 10

This is one of the most helpful solution which works most of the times for the users. It happens that at times wireless mouse functions well with a different version of Windows. You can just reinstall another version of Windows to see if the wireless mouse starts working properly.

The solutions given above would certainly let you resolve the issue.

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