How to Fix “USB Ports Not Working” Issue

In case any one of your USB devices has stopped working in your Windows 10 then this article can be useful. NO matter whether it is a keyboard, USB mouse, pen drive, printer or any other USB device, the article will help you fix the issue – USB port not working. The solutions mentioned below can be used to resolve the error

Restart the computer

USB not working in Windows 10 can be a connection issue which could be temporary. It normally happens when Windows doesn’t recognize your USB device. When this happens just restart your PC and check if the issue has been solved. Sometimes this method works like magic.

Check in case device is faulty

In case the USB device used to work fine prior to upgrading to Windows 10, then there is a possibility of it being faulty. But it may occur many times. There are chances that the device you are using was already faulty at the time you upgraded to Windows 10. So, to know the exact cause before you get into time consuming and complicated process of troubleshooting.

In order to check if your USB device is faulty or not just unplug it and try plugging into another machine. If the device works fine there means the USB you are using is not faulty.

In case it doesn’t work on other machine to that means it is the time to replace your USB device.

Check power supply for laptop only

The laptop’s power supply sends power to the USB ports. In case it is not able to do its job due to some reason, the devices connected to those USB ports will stop working, which can be easily fixed:

1) Disconnect the power supply & charger plug from the laptop

2) Restart the laptop

3) Connect the USB device to your laptop once again

4) Connect the power supply again

Disable – Fast startup

Fast startup is basically enabled as a default setting in Windows 10. It could prevent loading of your USB devices. In order to solve the issue – “USB ports not working in Windows 10” try to disable the fast startup. Here is how you can disable it

Open – Control Panel

View by Small icons and then select – Power Options.

Click – “Choose what the power buttons do”

Click on  the following option–“ Change settings that are currently unavailable”

Below Shutdown settings – uncheck the box besides -Turn on fast startup (recommended).

Click – Save changes.

Restart the computer and then check if the issue has been resolved.

Check USB ports

If not a single solutions mentioned above resolve the issue for you then chances are that the USB ports are damaged. You can check that out by taking your computer to a repair centre and let the hardware guy check for the damage.

In case the USB ports are found to be damaged, the hardware guy can easily help you replace the same at a reasonable price.

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