Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain

Are you tired of your phone’s battery draining quickly due to Google Play Services? Find out how to fix this issue efficiently.

Clear Cache and Data for Services

To clear the cache and data for services on your Android device, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your device.
2. Scroll down and tap on “Apps” or “Applications,” depending on your device.
3. Look for “Google Play Services” in the list of apps and tap on it.
4. Tap on “Storage.”
5. You will see two options: “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”
Tap on “Clear Cache” to remove temporary files that may be causing battery drain.
Tap on “Clear Data” if you want to reset the app to its default settings.
6. Confirm your choice when prompted.
7. Restart your device to ensure the changes take effect.

Clearing the cache and data for Google Play Services can help resolve battery drain issues caused by software bloat or corrupted files. By removing unnecessary files and resetting the app, you can improve the performance of Google Play Services and potentially reduce battery usage.

Remember that clearing the data will reset the app, so you may need to sign in again to your Google Account and reconfigure any settings that were previously customized.

If you continue to experience battery drain after clearing the cache and data, you may need to consider other troubleshooting steps or seek further assistance.

Adjust Sync and Location Settings

  • Disable Background Data: Restrict Google Play Services from using data in the background.
  • Manage Location Accuracy: Adjust the level of accuracy for location services to conserve battery.
  • Enable Battery Saver Mode: Activate this mode to limit power consumption by Google Play Services.
  • Clear Cache and Data: Remove accumulated cache and data that may be causing battery drain.
  • Check Account Sync Settings: Review and disable unnecessary sync options that drain battery.
  • Disable Wi-Fi Scanning: Turn off this feature to prevent Google Play Services from constantly scanning for Wi-Fi networks.
  • Optimize Location Services: Disable high-accuracy mode when not required to save battery.
  • Update Google Play Services: Ensure you have the latest version to benefit from bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Restrict App Permissions: Manage permissions granted to Google Play Services and revoke unnecessary ones.
  • Disable Nearby Sharing: Turn off this feature if not actively using it to minimize battery drain.

Manage Google Play Services Updates

Step Description
Step 1 Check for Google Play Services updates
Step 2 Clear Google Play Services cache
Step 3 Disable auto-update for Google Play Services
Step 4 Uninstall updates for Google Play Services
Step 5 Reset app preferences

Follow the above steps to manage Google Play Services updates and fix battery drain issues caused by it.

Update Your Device’s OS

To fix Google Play Services battery drain, one of the first steps you can take is to update your device’s operating system. This ensures that you have the latest software and bug fixes, which can help improve battery life. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to your device’s settings. This can usually be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the gear icon.

2. Scroll down and tap on “System” or “About phone” (the exact wording may vary depending on your device).

3. Look for an option called “Software update” or “System update.” Tap on it.

4. If an update is available, you will see a button or option to download and install it. Tap on it and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and has sufficient battery charge.

5. Once the update is complete, restart your device.

Updating your device’s operating system can help resolve any compatibility issues between Google Play Services and your Android version. It’s also a good practice to regularly check for updates to ensure your device is running smoothly and efficiently.

Remember to regularly clear the cache of the Google Play Services app and other apps on your device. This can help improve performance and reduce battery drain. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services > Storage > Clear cache.

Review and Reset Permissions

Reviewing and resetting permissions can help fix battery drain caused by Google Play Services on your Android device. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open the Settings app on your device.
2. Scroll down and tap on “Apps” or “Applications.”
3. Look for “Google Play Services” in the list of installed apps and tap on it.
4. Tap on “Permissions” or “App permissions.”
5. Review the permissions that Google Play Services has been granted. These permissions allow the app to access certain features and information on your device.
6. If you notice any unnecessary or suspicious permissions, tap on them and select “Deny” or “Revoke.” This will restrict the app’s access to that particular feature or information.
7. Additionally, you can tap on “Reset permissions” to revert all permissions back to their default settings.
8. After reviewing and adjusting the permissions, go back to the main app settings screen and tap on “Storage” or “Storage & cache.”
9. Tap on “Clear cache” to remove any temporary files that may be causing battery drain.
10. Finally, restart your device to apply the changes.

By reviewing and resetting permissions, you can ensure that Google Play Services only has access to the necessary features and information, potentially reducing battery drain.


Why is Google Play store using so much battery?

Google Play store is using a significant amount of battery due to features like auto sync, location services, and auto updates running in the background. To address this issue, you can try implementing some fixes.

How do I stop Google Play Services from using so much battery?

To reduce battery usage by Google Play Services, you can try the following steps:

– Clear the cache and data of Google Play Services.
– Disable sync for other Google accounts.
– Remove and re-add your Google account.
– Uninstall updates for Google Play Services.
– Check for any unnecessary location permission granted to Google Play Services.
– Update Google Play Services to the latest version.
– Update your Android operating system.

How do I stop Google apps from draining my battery?

To stop Google apps from draining your battery, you can close unnecessary tabs in Chrome, adjust Chrome’s battery usage settings, turn off automatic syncing, and disable page preloading.

How do I stop Google Play from running?

To stop Google Play from running on your Android device, you cannot force stop or uninstall Google Play services. However, you can check and update your Android version to ensure the smooth functioning of Google Play services.

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