How to open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Learn how to open internet explorer in windows 10 using step by step tutorial with pictures.

How to open internet explorer in windows 10?

Straightly moving to your query , you must be searching that how you can easily locate and access Internet Explorer , it is the default web-browser that comes with the installation of windows 10. There are different options for a user to locate Internet Explorer and access it.

Option 1: Open it by clicking its icon on taskbar.


Here you can easily click over the “e”, as it is the default symbol of Internet Explorer in windows 10. You can easily access the web browser and it is the easiest way to locate and open internet explorer as you can also access it from the desktop as it is the default web-browser and in windows 10 it will ask you while installing that you need its shortcut on the desktop or not.

While you can simply tick over the yes , that you need this shortcut on the desktop and if you were unable to do that earlier and wants it afterwards then follow this simple step and add it to the desktop.

search menu

Here you have to simply open the location of the internet explorer and do the same as shown above and by following this you can easily make shortcut of Internet Explorer.


By following these simple steps you can easily access the web-browser on the desktop and it will be an easy way of accessing it.

Option 2: Search it in the search menu.

Search menu

Here you can simply access the internet explorer by searching it in the search menu and you will simply type the Internet and it will automatically show you the desktop app and by clicking over it, you can easily access the web-browser.

Option 3: Open it By using Run window

How to open Run window? You can simple press window + R to open the below shown Run window.

Run window

After accessing the window + R , you will be redirected to Run window and then you have to simply type “iexplore” in the space and press enter or click OK which will simply redirect you to the Internet Explorer.

Option 4: Access it in the File explorer.

File Explorer

By clicking over the File explore you can simply find the desktop icon and search for the internet explorer and access it , you can simply right click over the internet explorer in windows 10 and open its location which will redirect to file explorer.


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